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Eating Psychology, Body Esteem & Sport
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Sweet friends! Thank YOU so much for being here. I’m guessing you’ve made it to my page because another lovely individual passed on my name, or by way of Googling. Regardless of how you ended up at my virtual doorstep, I am SO excited you’re here and thrilled to connect with YOU today.

First things first. I must tell you…I am absolutely passionate about health and exercise psychology. It’s my mission today and EVERY SINGLE DAY to bring relief to friends like you who carry the burden of body image and self-esteem issues. I want to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you all the way to a life FREE of these battles.

I KNOW finding time to incorporate routine exercise and healthy eating habits into our busy, busy, lives can seem like an endless struggle. I KNOW that when it doesn’t happen for days, months or even years at a time, it can compound our body image problems and REALLY tear us down. Sometimes it seems that we’ll never be able to rise above these issues. I understand where you are, sweet friend! And, I want you to know, I am here to HELP and EMPOWER you along the way as you BREAK FREE from this bondage that’s weighing you down.

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your story; you can learn more about me, too, by clicking over to the ABOUT page. From there, you can check my credentials (I promise, I’m legit!) and get to know me a little better. When you feel comfortable, let’s set up an appointment or Q&A session via email or phone (no charge for this initial chat). Once we’ve had a chance to talk, we can go over all the ways that we may be able to work together. I do in-person and virtual appointments – whatever works best for you! We can also chat about insurance and payment information at that time as well.

I KNOW that reaching out for help can be intimidating and even scary. I PROMISE, though, to make this big step as easy and enjoyable as possible. I am SO EXCITED to be on this journey WITH YOU. I can’t wait to link-arms together as we head down the road to your NEW LIFE – free of emotional eating and self-worth issues. Being free is a beautiful thing, just like you!!

Again, welcome!

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