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2-Hour Intensive Mentoring

YOU HAVE ARRIVED! {welcome to my virtual doorstep} 

 Now…I am guessing if you are here, you might be someone who feels EXCITED about their business…someone who knows that they are meant to be doing more and yet in the same breath, feels a little discouraged with their current situation…in how much money you are making (or not making…but know you could be), in how you are feeling within your business (possibly buffering those fears and negative self-thoughts…grrr!), in being unsure how to ‘get yourself out there’ to connect with clients and make the impact you know you are capable of, and in just seeing yourself as and FEELING successful (whatever this means in your definition)…

I know these strange dichotomies of being inspired and discouraged, excited yet overwhelmed, joyful with your current life and then the ‘never-feeling-like-you-can-stop-thinking-about-your-business’ thoughts…it is thrilling, frustrating, and exhausting all in the same breath…

{you are in the right place}

yes, you are meant for more.

yes, you can do more.

yes, you can become more.

yes, the power is within YOU, friend.

{and I am here for you along the way}


Welcome to the 2-hour Intensive, a focused program where we get a MASSIVE amount done in a short amount of time! But, in an intentional, conscious, curious, and strategic way.  Sometimes we don’t want to engage in long-term commitment with a person or program and you know what, THAT IS OK.  Sometimes we just need a booster shot of goodness that will lead to short- and long-term inspired action…inviting shifts TO UPLIFT THE SOUL AND UPLIFT OUR BUSINESS! 

  • Following your complimentary ‘consultation chat’, you will receive a formal proposal that will outline your goals, our tasks of working together, and action plan!  This will serve as our framework for our time together!  Since this is a 2-hour session, we will prioritize 1-2 focus areas to make sure we are fully sifting through and providing insight + action within your growth areas.
  • You will receive a Social Media and Website Audit Analysis and Review…all social media and website content and graphics/images will be analyzed and you will provided with concrete feedback on insights, perceptions, suggestions, and curiosity for aligning these outlets with the core of your business and in how they will impact your ideal clients
  • Unlimited support for 2 weeks following our Intensive for any questions, feedback, or follow-up!
  • Strategic conscious curiosity that will allow your to tap into your intuition and trust yourself as we CREATIVELY discover and create your unique business building strategy…including opt-ins, sales funnels (which I actually call ‘authenticity funnels’ because you are BEING YOURSELF while attracting your ideal clients), and foster other opportunities that will facilitate connection!
  • Inspired conversation about how to share of yourself and your business in a non-ick way…that feels FUN and JOYFUL way that feels most natural…while challenging negative thoughts or mindset ‘stuff’ that sometimes gets in our way of sharing!
  • Identification of any blocks or negative thoughts as it relates to your business (or yourself) that is preventing you from making the progress you feel is possible!
  • An encourager of daydreaming…and then figuring out how to make this a reality…while being patient and pushing forward at the same time!
  • A mentor who will be completely aligned with your business and personal mission
  • A mentor who values being unique and creating your specific strategy for connecting, inspiring, and impacting those around you…one that doesn’t look like the next person…
  • A mentor who is always a learner-in-progress…one that passes this inspiration onto my clients with relevant podcast episodes, Ted Talks, or any other opportunities that will contribute to insight, professional development, and self-reflection
  • An encourager, a pep-talker, a person that you can rely on for honest feedback, and who is energized by YOUR SUCCESS (whatever this looks like for you!)!

ummm…what if I am a little scared, hesitant, nervous, overwhelmed…about money, in claiming my space + power, about succeeding or failing, about investing in myself, about hearing my voice, about the movement that I am hoping for within my business (and maybe myself)…

 you are in the right place, friend. let’s chat.let’s work together.let’s move your business forward.let’s move the way you see yourself forward. 


The 2-hour Intensive Mentorship Program is $588


If you read through this information and still have any lingering questions…please reach out to me via e-mail at: info@drarianemachin.com or schedule a free 30-minute chat time! ¬†Click on the button below and use ‘free consultation chat’…I am excited to talk together!!! ¬†XOXO!