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Eating Psychology, Body Esteem & Sport
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3-Month Mentorship Program

I am tired…I am excited…I want to do more in my business…I feel discouraged…I feel overwhelmed…I know I am capable of having a great impact…I know I can BECOME MORE.I don’t want to be sitting in my thoughts about what I can do anymore…I WANT TO MOVE MY BUSINESS FORWARD…in a conscious, thoughtful, and intentional way. In a way that is authentic to me, in a way that will allow me to share of myself organically, in a way that will bring me JOY in what I am doing and in the way that I will impact my client.I AM HOPEFUL(and a little scared!!!)!

{you + me = launching your business wisdom}

i will trust myself.

i am capable of more.

i have what I need.

i am worthy of success.

i will be an over-comer.

You might be HERE if you are looking for some shifts…in the way you might perceive your business, in the whispers that you aren’t quite doing what you are supposed to be doing but you still are not sure what this could or should look like, in the way you hold yourself back…not being quite sure how and why this happens, but know that it is hindering YOU being able to share your message in an authentic and congruent way, or even in the way that you take care of yourself in your business…shutting down the ‘entrepreneur thought-train’ and being PRESENT with your family to finding time for daily health habits, such as mindfully eating and moving and meditating each day.

Friend, if you find yourself navigating some of the struggles above, you are completely not alone.  AND, working with a Mentor to help wrestle and untangle some of this ‘stuff’ within your business (or within yourself) could be what is needed to really wade through the heaviness that you might experience every day…

Consider this your invitation to at least connect with me so we can chat…about what you might be navigating within and how I could support you…I promise anyone I chat with that I will be authentic and honest (two qualities I value)…in my perceptions and in anything else that I notice or observe.  I find a balance between challenging you and also encouraging grace…in action and mindset.  It would be an honor to connect!

  • Following your complimentary ‘consultation chat’, you will receive a formal proposal that will outline your goals, our tasks of working together, and action plan!  This will serve as our framework for some of our work together and will be reviewed monthly and modified accordingly!
  • (1) 90-minute goal-setting and intention-setting intensives, including the creation of your business Mission Statement!
  • (1) 60-minute Social Media and Website Audit Analysis and Review…all social media and website content and graphics/images will be analyzed and you will provided with concrete feedback on insights, perceptions, suggestions, and curiosity for aligning these outlets with the core of your business and in how they will impact your ideal clients!
  • (10) 60-minute individual sessions (3 meetings/month)!
  • Following each session, you will be provided with an ‘action plan’ that will specifically outline your tasks between sessions…these are unique and based on your current needs
  • Unlimited support between sessions via messenger, text, or e-mail!
  • Conscious curiosity that will allow your to tap into your intuition and trust yourself as we CREATIVELY discover and create your unique business building strategy…including opt-ins, sales funnels (which I actually call ‘authenticity funnels’ because you are BEING YOURSELF while attracting your ideal clients), and foster other opportunities that will facilitate connection!
  • Inspired conversation about how to share of yourself and your business in a non-ick way…that feels FUN and JOYFUL way that feels most natural…while challenging negative thoughts or mindset ‘stuff’ that sometimes gets in our way of sharing!
  • Identification of any blocks or negative thoughts as it relates to your business (or yourself) that is preventing you from making the progress you feel is possible!
  • An encourager of daydreaming…and then figuring out how to make this a reality…while being patient and pushing forward at the same time!
  • A mentor who will be completely aligned with your business and personal mission
  • A mentor who values being unique and creating your specific strategy for connecting, inspiring, and impacting those around you…one that doesn’t look like the next person…
  • A mentor who is always a learner-in-progress…one that passes this inspiration onto my clients with relevant podcast episodes, Ted Talks, or any other opportunities that will contribute to insight, professional development, and self-reflection
  • An encourager, a pep-talker, a person that you can rely on for honest feedback, and who is energized by YOUR SUCCESS (whatever this looks like for you!)!



*I am going to be honest in sharing that I only offer programs that I truly believe can help my clients, students, and colleagues evolve…in finding their truth, in realizing their potential, in doing the work they know they are meant to be doing.  

I have actually done many one-on-one mentoring meetings in the past, and when there is not an on-going commitment (especially to ourselves), it can be easy to let other ‘things’ take over and you may find yourself being at the bottom of the priority pile.  However, if you commit to yourself in advance, you will notice a shift in your mindset in the way you are going about your business (and even life sometimes!)…and it leads to more positive outcomes and healthier self-habits.  Thus…I require a 3- or 6-month ‘contract’ to move forward in the mentoring program to honor both your time and my time and investment in the entire process!  I am fully certain this will allow you to dive deeper into your work, allow our relationship to be intuitively binding that will facilitate and create major movement within your business (and yourself), and bring about the change that you know you are capable of and is within YOU.