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Eating Psychology, Body Esteem & Sport
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About Me

It’s nice to see YOU here and I am THRILLED that you’re looking at the possibility of partnering with me! I’ve provided a few snippets about myself, below, so you can see where I’m coming from and how we may best work together.

Ready, set, let’s go!

Who am I? My name is Dr. Ariane Smith Machín; I am a Psychologist, Sport Psychologist, and Professor of Psychology.  I am a Business and Life Coach at Therapy For Your Business.  I am also the Co-Founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective, a boutique agency that focuses on empowering women in business and life.  I am a wife and mom to three littles (twins plus one!).  I am a promoter of body image and self-esteem empowerment, an activist of moving our bodies each day and eating mindfully, and believe in being kind to others…and ourselves too!

Where can you find me? I am a Member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Sport Psychology Registry and you can find me in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Life & Style Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, Shape Magazine, PopSugar, and regular blog for Healthy Is The New Skinny.  Demographically, my family and I reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, but work with clients from all over the world!

Who are my people? I love working with a variety of sweet individuals like you!  My clients and students care about being inspired learners, about feeling and growing their power, in believe they are capable of becoming more.  They often feel stuck in their own negative self talk and guilt and shape spirals, and they also have hope that things can be different, in life and business.  They want to live a life with more intention, purpose, and possibilities…and in being a positive impact in this very same way with their current and future clients.  They want to be bold change-makers and be a force of good in the world.  AND YOU CAN.

What drives me? I am PASSIONATE about helping other women BELIEVE they are are capable of becoming more, of living a life with pure authenticity and purpose, and FEELING this take place as they find flow and trust their intuition.  It is a TRUE JOY to see an evolving sense of self and inspired purpose through our work together, whether in my Certified Coaching Program or a Life or Business Coaching Client. I am HONORED to help walk through your process and experiences with you and MOVE ON to a life that is less full of the ‘should’s, ‘musts’, ‘not enough’s.  The commonplace in ALL my work is that I have a great deal of compassion, excitement, knowledge, and MOTIVATION to help you in meeting all of your goals while EMPOWERING you and ENCOURAGING you along the way!

What else should you know? I LOVE family time and embrace all the crazy chaos that surrounds each day (which literally is 24 hours full)! I am a self-described DIY/interest-fail, coffee-drinker, optimist, and creator of Hello Totes, a line of uplifting totes to encourage and celebrate human-hood!  I am currently taking a break from Hello Totes, but have some other ideas I am working on (to be announced Winter 2017)!

Let’s connect!  Follow me on social media…all you Instagrammers can get your follow on via @DrArianeMachin! And I am on Facebook too at Dr. Ariane Machin and Conscious Coaching Collective!  Can’t wait to connect with you.