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Business Mentorship

Are you feeling stuck, discouraged, and often defeated in your business?  Do you experience negative thoughts about self and future, stagnant, unclear about direction and purpose, have TONS of ideas and not sure which ones to pursue?  Do you feel like you are not living aligned with values, how to make the difference you desire, and how to serve those and make a positive impacting being a force for good?  Are you unsure of yourself, unclear how your messaging is being perceived in your business, and how to connect with your niche market or ideal clients? Friend, if you are HERE…you are sitting in the right place.My name is Ariane and I am a Psychologist and Intuitive Business Mentor…and here to walk with you and beside you as you go from thinking about to feeling to BECOMING…in business and life.

you are here…because you know you are meant to do more. see more. BECOME MORE.{live your truth}

Many of the clients I work with are already successful…they are accomplished creatives and professionals within their respective fields.  They are also full-time Moms…trying to navigate the balance of life and ‘work’ and sometimes feel like they are failing…not in reality, but in the way we are experiencing motherhood because there are pressures to be all  and do all and we sometimes feel like something has to give.  Yet, there is not a lot of bandwidth to fall back on.

YOU ARE READY TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT…you know you can do more and have felt an energy inside telling you it is time…but something has also held you back.  

Friend, I am here to walk beside you as you pursue this idea and passion, provide with you encouragement and support and confidence so you can push through negative voices and resistant energy, and open the path for YOU to take ownership of the space and path that is meant for you.


{and we are in this together}

  • 2-hour intensive
  • 3-month mentorship
  • year-long mentorship

You have likely worked with other business coaches.  Sometimes when we are unclear about what purpose we have or what we are truly DOING in our business, sales funnel strategies and e-mail list campaigns contribute to the noise that we might feel inside because we DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS IS ALL LEADING.  I have been there too…we have such great energy but not quite sure where to steer it!

I have my doctorate in Psychology…and while this fosters some of my knowledge about human and consumer behavior, I am also a learner-in-progress…in the way our culture is constantly changing, in the ways media and social media is utilized, and in the ways that we can convey what we are thinking and feeling to those around us, including those that we are trying to serve and impact.

I receive a lot of e-mails from women, moms, colleagues, and friends wanting to learn how to start a business, how to positively influence those around us, how to develop confidence and the ‘right’ mindset to succeed and persevere, how to foster both goal-directed and graceful actions when trying to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves, and how to trust our intuition when we need to make decisions and be guided in our work.  In these conversations, my identity as a ‘Therapist for your Business’ evolved…and it is an honor and JOY to bring this enthusiasm to you in working on your dreams and vision for the future that best serves you (and those that you hope to impact)!


  • clarification and identification of the ideal clients you wish to serve
  • exploration and strategies on identifying and building your brand identity
  • insights on how to leverage social media platforms to become known in your field
  • exploration around mindset struggles that are keeping you stagnant or fail to push you forward in your business
  • curiosity around building your ideal lifestyle, and how your choices can directly impact the life you want to create
  • conversations and inspired action around self-care and being kind to yourself
  • insights on how to broaden your platform and get your voice known in your field of work…and with the clients you serve
  • confidence-boosting mentality that acknowledges fears but also helps you push through them (with an emphasis on listening to our thoughts, but using it to inform versus overwhelm)
  • authentic and uplifting conversation
  • concrete, action items following each meeting that are individually tailored and unique to your situation
  • questions and curiosity to help us understand problem and hope for your future
  • genuine feedback about what you are doing and how you are doing it
  • 100% investment in YOU and what you are doing
  • analysis of all social media platforms + feedback
  • tutorials and resources based on needs
  • someone that will be excited to be with you on your path to where you want to go…and that can help you when you feel exhausted, defeated, and weary
  • a teammate, a cheerleader, an encourager, a brain-stormer, and a person that will (excitedly) walk with you each step of your process!


I will be the first person to tell you that I was EXTREMELY hesitant to ‘hire’ a mentor for my business.  I thought that I was an independent person who can figure things out on my own.  I also think our culture makes us feel like there is something wrong with us (at times) if we seek out help, so if you ‘need’ to hire someone to help you, you have somehow failed because you could not do it on your own.  Both of these sentiments are not only untrue, but often hold us back from our potential.  I definitely recognized my mentor as an extreme asset and as soon as I personally invested in myself and my business, my intentions became REALIZED.  And friend, the same can be for you too!

To help you in your process of learning more about and hiring a mentor, I created a guide of important factors you need to consider prior to hiring your mentor.  To view this viewing this free guide, please click HERE.