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Year-Long Business Mentorship

I get it…you don’t have massive time, money, or resources at this moment.  AND, you still want support, encouragement, and community to keep your business moving forward.  You have a vision and feel energized and inspired, yet also feel as though you just can’t quite get organized or clear on what you ‘should’ or can be doing…Friend, you are in the right place…As a mom to three littles, I completely empathize and know how BUSY life can get…which is exactly why I created the year-long mentorship program…

{flexibility + inspired action + soul passion = your conscious business}

What if I told you that you could CREATE your own rules for how you build your business?  That you don’t have to e-mail your list every single day?  That you can have decent work/life/family boundaries without being tethered to Facebook group participation or trying to get your voice heard among the many?  That you don’t have to do that ‘early morning routine’ that consist of green smoothies and a morning meditation (mine looks more like kids jumping on me and me grabbing my glasses and the closest cup of coffee! haha!)!  That you don’t have to be feeling as though you are constantly behind because you feel empowered and active in how you are defining your expectations and business movement…in the forward direction. 

What if I told you that you CAN curate a life that completely fits with your current life situation…that pushes your business forward while being mindful of your personal life and many other tasks you balance every single day?  Earning money and contributing to your family on your terms. Feeling good and inspired and empowered in your decisions and choices on deciding what serves you, your family, and your clients the best. THIS is exactly what we strive to achieve within the year-long mentorship program. 

The Year-Long Mentorship Program Experience?

  • One 1:1 meeting per month (60 minutes)
  • Following each session, you will be provided with an ‘action plan’ that will specifically outline your tasks between sessions…these are unique and based on your current needs
  • Support between sessions via messenger, text, or e-mail
  • Access to private FB group where you will connect with other inspiring mamas
  • Conscious curiosity that will allow your to tap into your intuition and trust yourself as we CREATIVELY discover and create your unique business building strategy…including opt-ins, sales funnels (which I actually call ‘authenticity funnels’ because you are BEING YOURSELF while attracting your ideal clients), and foster other opportunities that will facilitate connection!
  • Inspired conversation about how to share of yourself and your business in a non-ick way…that feels FUN and JOYFUL way that feels most natural…while challenging negative thoughts or mindset ‘stuff’ that sometimes gets in our way of sharing!
  • Identification of any blocks or negative thoughts as it relates to your business (or yourself) that is preventing you from making the progress you feel is possible!
  • An encourager of daydreaming…and then figuring out how to make this a reality…while being patient and pushing forward at the same time!
  • A mentor who will be completely aligned with your business and personal mission
  • A mentor who values being unique and creating your specific strategy for connecting, inspiring, and impacting those around you…one that doesn’t look like the next person…
  • A mentor who is always a learner-in-progress…one that passes this inspiration onto my clients with relevant podcast episodes, Ted Talks, or any other opportunities that will contribute to insight, professional development, and self-reflection
  • An encourager, a pep-talker, a person that you can rely on for honest feedback, and who is energized by YOUR SUCCESS (whatever this looks like for you!)!

Year-Long Mentorship investment: $288/month (*price increasing October 1st 2020)